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This is a bugfix release. Those of you who were trying to migrate to/from Zenfolio should have no problems now:)

Also did a little cleanup and removed some obsolete import/export options:
-AOL Pictures: Site no longer exists Site (the one I built support for) no longer exists, and has been replaced with a social network.
-“Phanfare 2”: There were previously two versions of Phanfare set up for migration from within Migratr. This is because Phanfare went through some pretty drastic changes, and for a time was really two different services- The old one and the new one (designated as “Phanfare” and “Phanfare 2”). They were kind enough to leave the old version of the site up for several months in order to give users time to debate whether to convert over to an account on the new Phanfare (managed internally by them) or to determine that the new vision for the site wasn’t for them and migrate elsewhere (which is where Migratr came into play). The transition is complete, and there’s no longer a reason to keep the API for the “Old” Phanfare in Migratr. So it’s been removed, and to clear things up, “Phanfare 2” (the New Phanfare) has been renamed simply to “Phanfare”, as there’s only one version up anymore.

As mentioned in a previous post, I’ll be digging into Gallery 2.3 issues as time permits. My earlier statement that “It’s stopped working completely” turns out to be wrong- It works for me, which is really frustrating- I can’t duplicate the issues others are experiencing. Those of you who have emailed me about Gallery support- I might be hitting you up for beta testing in the coming weeks:)

For the time being… Enjoy the download, and happy Migrating!

Download Migratr Version 1.06

Downloaded a total of 131726 times


Zenfolio/Menalto woes

Posted by
at October 12, 2009

There’s been a bit of a surge of reports of late that Migratr crashes on export to Zenfolio. I just got an email from them mentioning this and suggesting that I should update my API endpoints (I’m pointing to an older version of the API- Far back enough to be before they started versioning for consistency) and it should work… So, everyone, sorry for the inconvience, and that it’s taken this long for me to get around to it. Life’s been a little hectic of late :) I’ll be digging into this and verifying the fix very soon, and should have a working version up in the next day or two.

Also, for those of who you are having issues with Gallery- I have to admit Gallery support has always been a little sketchy with Migratr. Different hosting setups have meant that one person’s 2.2 installation could work with Migratr, wheras someone else’s would tank out while it was still pulling album data (before photos were even downloaded)- On top of that the “API” is meant to be used with PHP, which Migratr isn’t even written in. Support basically started out by ripping code out of some open source .NET Gallery remote and tweaking it to work with Migratr. With 2.3 this seems to have stopped working completely, so in the coming weeks I’ll be hunting around for a suitable replacement.

Also, if any experienced .NET developers can recommend good plugin frameworks, I’m planning on modifying the core Migratr code so that someone can write a service support DLL, drop it in the migratr directory, and have it show up as an option. This would help enormously with Migratr’s ability to support closing services, since it doesn’t always happen at a time where it’s possible for me to ninja something together (especially since they’re often places where I don’t have an account, and have closed account creations).

Thanks for the patience. Happy migrating!



Contacts Evolved – My first Android Project

Posted by
at September 1, 2009

Just completed my first project for the android, and submitted to the ADC2 with about 12 minutes to spare. Last minute bugs are dangerous things. Oh, man.


Screenshot of my submission

Details later. For now, sleep.


Mixed Feelings on The Sumo Omni Plus

Posted by
at February 28, 2009

I just received my Sumo Omni Plus yesterday. I’ve been excited about getting this thing for weeks, but after setting everything up, I noticed it was missing something- The straps.

If you go to the website, you’ll notice that in the pictures of the product, this monstrous beast of a pillow-chair-thing has straps on the corners which snap together, allowing you to make it form into a chair. This is why I’d chosen this product. The versatility of having a crash pillow that turns into a chair, that can be picked up and chucked in a closet when not in use (so as to free up room), so that you can optimize for space or seating in the living room on the fly depending on how many people are over. This is what made the Sumo Omni Plus a theoretical masterpeice- All the reviews I read touted those straps as the killer feature, the thing that really set it apart from the regular omni. But what I received in the mail wasn’t that masterpeice. Instead, I got what amounts to a giant freakin’ pillow. Not that it isn’t an AWESOME pillow. It’s still comfortable (even though the foam inside hasn’t finished expanding/settling- it’s been less than 24 hours), and you can flip it on it’s side and sit on it in a comfortable, slightly goofy fashion.

After going over all the packaging twice to make sure that it wasn’t simply an external set of straps that I’d tossed aside accidentally, I called customer support this morning, and was pretty surprised to hear their explanation.

“The new model doesn’t come with straps.”

Excuse me? So I basically just paid 50 bucks more for a regular Omni, only a little smaller and with a microsuade cover instead of rip-proof nylon? The pictures on the website were still the model with straps. This is where I honestly started to feel gipped, as we were pretty much matching the definition of “not as advertised”. The next words out of my mouth were, as a software developer, words I never thought I’d ask. “Can I exchange it for the older version, then?” She said that the old version was sold out, but that she’d check with shipping to see if they had any left, and call me back. I specified that I didn’t actually need them to send me a full new Omni Plus- I only wanted a new cover, the one that came with straps.

I suppose, worst-case scenario, I can just exchange it for a Gamer instead. Since the primary role is going to be as a chair and not a pillow, this seems like the logical substitute (also since it’s the exact same price). However, I’m a little worried about the return policy, which states that returns must be pre-approved by the Customer Service Department (is “I was expecting your older model, not the new one where you took away the feature I most cared about”), not to mention instructions, which state that all returns must be made in original packaging. This is a problem because the original packaging was vacuum-sealed, and the exposure to air has ballooned the end product into something much larger than one could ever hope to fit back into the box without the proper machinery. To give you an idea, here’s a picture of the Omni, standing next to the box it was shipped in.

At the very least, I think they need to update the pictures on the website, and throw an article into their “news” section that specifies the change to the omni. I have no idea what else is different in the “new version” of the omni plus- God knows why they removed those straps, but having done so they at least have a responsibility to not advertise something with more features than what they’re actually providing. As for sumo customers out there- I’d ignore the omni plus until this gets addressed. If what you want is primarily a crash mat, rock the straight Omni and save yourself 50 bucks. If you want something that’ll primarily be used as a chair, you should probably lean toward the “gamer” model.

Still waiting on a response from customer service as to whether I can get the old cover, straps attached, that actually makes it worthy of the “Plus” moniker, or not. I’ll let you know how that turns out.



Top 5 signs you’re an internet cliche

Posted by
at January 20, 2009

You think being smart makes you better than everyone on the internet. You get angry and mean when others don’t acknowledge it.

We all know the internet is full of dumbasses. Newsflash, you’re one of them. Being smart isn’t enough to set you apart around here. Welcome to the party.

You type “M$” when referring to Microsoft.

Congratulations, you’re against the establishment! Way to be a rebel, just like everyone else. Showing contempt for a company that charges you for use of their hard work is kind of ridiculous, so if you’re a consumer, you’re being lame. If you’re a linux hacker, you’ve got a leg to stand on, but you’ve also got a day job where they pay your salary by charging other people money. And if you’re an Apple user, then, let’s face it, you’re being an epic hypocrite. Before you go off on another rant about how bloated a Microsoft OS is, check out your mac’s price tag.

You make constant references to anything someone with “geek cred” would know, in parantheses, ending in “anyone?” (slashdot/reddit commentors, anyone?)

Often the committer of this particular sin is masking it as an on-topic reference. This is not impressive. But it is annoying. It is especially egregious if you do this during one-on-one conversation.

BTW, I consider this to be Jeff Atwood’s only serious blogging sin. I love that blog, but every time he does that I wince a little, just because I think he’s better than that.

You Namedrop e-famous bloggers like Yegge, Atwood or Spolsky

I just got called out on this one, by a friend who saw point #3. Look, none of us are perfect. That’s why it’s a cliche :D

You’ve actually answered a “How do I do (this) in (this environment)?” question with “switch to (my environment of choice)”.

This one is pretty generic. So, examples!

Q: How do I do (x) in PHP?
A: Switch to Rails (In the history of the internet, the person who asked this one has never once gone “I talked to my boss, and convinced him you were right! We’re scrapping 3 years of development to switch to a language/framework none of us know, on your say-so! Everyone’s cool with it! Hooray!”)

Q: How do I do (x) in Windows?
A: Switch to *nix (Because there’s no way the learning curve is going to become a bigger issue than the original problem, right?)
Alternate A: Switch to Mac (Often, in this case, the real answer in windows is to right click on something. HA! I’m mostly kidding, though I’ve witnessed it in the wild)
Non-existent A: Worth mentioning, I’ve never seen anyone say “switch to windows” when asked the question in linux or apple forums. You can interpret that any way you want, but I think it’s at least partially because the reaction of a windows user is something along the lines of “I don’t know. I’m a windows user.”

Q: How do I make my ford truck stop making this noise?
A: Switch to Chevy
I’m not a car guy, but from I understand, in certain parts of the country, saying this out loud is a really bad idea. Ah, the anonymizing power of the interwebs.

We’re all guilty of something. Be it namedropping, inappropriate evangalizing, self-important rambling (Yeah, I’m talking to you!), none of us are perfect. But I think a goal we can all agree on, an ideal we should continue to strive for, is this.

Don’t be that guy